• Every failure is a lesson If you are not willing to fail You are not ready to succeed.

    As is said in Gurbani, "May I fear none, when I go fighting, with confidence in you, come out victorious. May your glory be ingrained in my mind and singing your praises be my highest ambition.”

    Success can be achieved only by determination. Satlujians too are focused to achieve their goal. The thing that makes them different from others is that they never give up. Failures make us tough enough to stand steadily even in the most trying circumstances.

  • As the nation celebrates the 350th birth anniversary of the tenth Sikh preceptor – Guru Gobind Singh Ji – a spiritual master, warrior, poet and philosopher; let us take a pledge to follow his teachings in spirit. In contrast to the pusillanimity of those who should have protected the weak, he spent most of his life fighting against the oppression by the unjust forces.

    He infused martial spirit among his followers to prepare them to stand up against injustice and tyranny. His poetry has guided and inspired millions and if humanity could follow just one aphorism“Shub Karman TeKabhon Na Taron”, the world would be a much better place. What are “Shubhkarm” then? Those deeds which are for the good of humanity. Similar ideas were preached by John Wesley, an 18th Century theologian who said, “Do all the good you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.”

  • As I walk down the corridors of the school everyday I can hear the chatter of eager minds who are keen to attend the classes which provide enriching, engaging and challenging curriculum that will prepare them for success at NPS and for the years that follow.

    Our education is aimed not only at churning success stories but also to sensitise them to the needs of the community and also to help them grow as world class citizens- a generation of eminent thinkers and excellent planners through various co –curricular activities and clubs .While our elite sports persons , musicians, dancers ,artists and debators have achieved phenomenal success , we encourage participation at all levels.

Interview with Income Tax Commissioner

Our magictions got a chance to exclusively interview income tax commissioner Mr Ashish Gupta. A keen poet , a doctor, a patriot , a man of honour – He is truly a multifaceted personality.

  • Q 1 Sir , please tell us about your student life
    I did my schooling till 7th standard from a government school in Sunder Nagar Himachal pradesh . After that i continued my studies at St Josephs school West Bengal. It was a very prominent school which laid a lot of emphasis on sports. So the best years of my life were spent there, playing on the field , which really moulded me into person I am now.

    Q2 When did you decide on your career ? What is the appropriate age to make a career choice?
    In India one is asked to make a career choice around 15,when I think one is not mature enough to take such a big decision. I have been off and on into various careers . I chose medical,did MBBS and started my own medical practice. I switched career around the age of 24 and decided to go into Income Tax Department which is an entirely different career .So I should say that there is no appropriate age to make a career choice.

  • Dear Students,

    This edition of Milestone commemorates the 350th birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and his very inspiring message has a pride of place in the chronicle. A warrior as well as a poet, he was deeply spiritual too, but his spiritual quest did not merely lead to an abstract quest for God. It was an endeavor to relate to humanity at a deeper level for the betterment of the fellow beings. All of us who venerate and idolize him must bear this in mind to be his true

    Once again Milestone’s editorial team has meticulously chronicled each and every activity and achievement of not only students but the staff as well. So in these pages you will find that the farewell function on superannuation of two senior faculty members set the ball rolling for session 2016-17 and it culminated in the farewell function of the outgoing XII.